Krystian Zych

Podcast: Level Up

Take your podcast to the next level

The first podcast book in Poland for intermediate podcasters. Acoustics, interviews, advanced DAW options, pro equipment and answers to frequently asked questions. Normalize the recording or not? Compression first, then EQ, or vice versa?

Learn all of this in Podcast: Level Up.

Planned premiere for the Polish edition: autumn 2021.
Planner premiere for the English edition: mid 2022.

Podcasting expert

Krystian Zych

I know the answer to almost every podcast question you have

Hi. I am Krystian. I deal with the production of podcasts on a daily basis.

In addition, I edit audio and video recordings, conduct podcast trainings and workshops, teach how to make a podcast, coordinate activities related to the publication of podcasts, cooperate with large media companies, corporations, radio stations, state institutions, but also with private persons and help them all in creation and development of podcasts.

I organize podcast conferences, cooperate with hosting companies, write articles and record videos about podcasts.

I am also a postgraduate lecturer in “Social Media & Content Design” at the Higher School of Management Personnel in Konin.

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